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We are proud to be able to offer the Work & Explore USA (formerly known as the J1W&T USA) programme to NZ tertiary students and graduates.

This visa is a great opportunity for current NZ tertiary students or graduates to go to the USA for a full year, travel, get to know another country and its people using a visa that is easy to apply for.

After the year that has been, new regulations are that you DO need to have a job offer to apply for the visa.  The job has to be approved by CIEE before you can apply for the visa and in advance of travel. A new job placement arranged while in the USA cannot begin until CIEE has fully vetted and approved the job.


The applicant must be either

- a NZ fulltime tertiary student with at least 1 year of study  completed or

- a NZ tertiary graduate starting in the USA within 1 year of graduation date.


Our fee for the programme INCLUDING insurance is NZ$2500.  We are one of the only companies to include insurance in the fee. 

Additional costs:

- visa application fee of US$160

- flights

- support money for your arrival until you find work or begin being paid. 

We require proof of you taking at least US$1200 with you, in the form of bank statements or a guarantor letter.

Look at the Fast Fact Information sheet

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