New Zealand to Germany

 Internship New Zealand work with an agent in Germany, who offers two programmes for applicants wishing to visit Germany

 Internship New Zealand has worked for a long time with an agent in Germany, who offers us two programmes for applicants wishing to go to Germany and experience the German work environment - the Working Holiday Programme and Home Tutor Germany.

NZ passport holders are eligible for a Working Holiday visa for up to 12 months.  Read more here. 

Our German agent helps on the arrival with accommodation arrangements, an orientation after arrival, emergency service support, checking CVs and cover letters, and providing guidance for the job search and longer term accommodation search.

The Home Tutor programme works either under the German homestay programme or under the Working Holiday visa programme (depending on length of offer).  The homestay is unpaid, but in exchange for being in a family home and having home and board, the participant does 15 hours of tutoring per week.  This leaves time to go job hunting and to get a part time job alongside the Home Tutoring, or a full time job after the Home Tutoring is completed.  The Tutor programme is a great acclimatisation programme that provides the security of a home without pressure for the job hunting period. 


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