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Internship Programmes


Internship New Zealand offers quality programmes and services to students and professionals looking for paid international or paid New Zealand work related experience to further enhance their skills and study or career related knowledge.

Internship New Zealand was established more than two decades ago in 2002.  We were the first New Zealand business to offer paid quality internships in New Zealand.  Since we began in 2002 we have also sent tertiary students, new graduates and longer term graduates to the USA on a J1 Visa.  We are dedicated to providing a personalised service to our clients, guiding you through the application process, arranging your work placement (for the NZ programme) and assisting with your arrival.

We have well developed relationships with educational institutions, independent agents, employers in a variety of sectors - and have a strong base of experience in practical placement in New Zealand and the USA, Singapore and Germany.

Internship NZ's programme for students to find a placement/internship in New Zealand is for those students currently studying in another country, who want to come to New Zealand for their internship. If you are an international student (or graduate) already studying (or newly graduated) in New Zealand then you are NOT eligible for this programme.

If you are interested in the USA Programmes, you must be either currently living in New Zealand or a New Zealand Passport holder. We offer the ,J1 Work & Explore 12 Month USA programme Internship USA and PCT USA (Trainee programme).




Information for Partners

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